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Order Fulfillment in less than 30 Seconds.

Copy and Paste your Customers Shipping Data from Ebay to Aliexpress with just 2 Clicks. 



Here are some common questions about our Extension.

How does it work?


The extension is fairly simple, but will still enhance your productivity  a lot.

Whenever you have an order in your ebay store, you can visit it, click on change at the shipping address and in the top right corner of your screen a blue button saying : „copy data“ will appear. Click on it.

Now you can go to the Aliexpress product, put it in your cart, edit the shipping address and then click on the blue button in the top right corner again.

The shipping data will be in the correct fields in a matter of two clicks!

No more going going back and forth between tabs.

How much time can I save?

Without the extension it takes my virtual assistant about 80-95 seconds to fulfill every order.

With the help of the extension it takes about 30-40 seconds.

At just 25 orders per day, this FREE extension saves me about 16 Minutes per day ((25×40)/60) or 8 full hours per Month!

Why is it free?

I needed to create this extension for my Dropshipping Stores anyway, so I figured I could also give it to others by uploading it to the Chrome Webstore and improve my Karma a little bit…

+ Coding it was pretty easy

How do I install the extension?

Click on this link or on one of the buttons on this homepage.

Once you are in the Chrome Webstore you can click on the blue „Add to Chrome“ button.

Then click on the add extension button in the pop up again and you are good to go!

The extension will automatically work once you are on Ebay or Aliexpress…



Where does the extension work?

Currently the extension only works on ebay.COM maybe we will add ebay UK and Ebay Germany in the near future.

Success Stories

„Since I started using this wonderful extension, I was able to cut down my time fulfilling orders from 16 to only 7 hours per month and the amount of fulfilled orders also grew…“

Debra Becker

Ebay Dropshipper

„I had to fulfill about 30 orders per day manually. This process cost me at least an hour everyday. Luckily my friend and fellow dropshipper Tim developed this extension and gave it to me. Now I only spend ~ 20 Minutes a day fulfilling orders.

Super awesome!“

Logan Chan

Ebay Store Owner

„Ever since my company installed the plugin my efficiency rose enormously and I can finally focus on the most important aspects of our business : adding listings and growing sales“

John Wise

Virtual Assistant

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